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All great things take time. Particularly when they involve the complexities of multiple services, regulation and cross-border jurisdictions. The good news is that we have a detailed plan to ensure the YET project is successfully delivered over a reasonable timeframe.

We Have Delivered

At YET, we stepped out our Phase One plans and we have delivered on all of them! And we’ll keep members updated with progress being made in product development with regular updates.

YET Website


YET Mentor


YET Store


YET Loyalty




YET Winners



Yes. Becoming a YET member is FREE. There is no requirement to enter credit or debit card details. If you do not wish to purchase any paid-for services, that is perfectly ok.

As part of the YET platform there are paid-for options but these are entirely optional. You can enjoy the benefits of the YET community and any additional free services for no cost, ever.

We are really excited about YET Mentor. We believe that any form of life or professional guidance and advice can make a big difference. So we are making a range of mentoring courses and content available FREE of charge, as well as providing optional paid-for programs too. The courses will vary and may include videos, online lessons, webinars, written exercises and quizzes.

We have outlined the latest projected dates for launch of various services on this page. This will be updated regularly. In addition, members will be kept up to date via the community pages of this site. 

The YET store aims to be the go-to place for as many of the products that our members would normally buy online. The product range will evolve depending on member requirements and demands.

Most of us love the thrill of competing and winning! So YET will introduce a series of competitions and free competitions, exclusively for our subscribers.